Hearing Aid Sylhet

Expert hearing aid solutions

Our services and activities below:

* Hearing test
* Tinnitus management
* Ear Mould & Shell Making Facility
* Repairing and Servicing of hearing aids
* Accessories sale (Ear Plug, Battery, Cord, Receiver, etc.)

Our services of Audiometry:

* Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)
* Impedance ( Tympanometry 226Hz for Adult)
* Impedance ( Tympanometry 1000 Hz for Child)
* Eustachian Tube Function Test( ETF)
* SRT (Stapedial Reflex Threshold)
* Behaviour Observation Audiometry (BOA)
* Play Audiometry
* Speech Audiometry
* Computerized Digital Hearing Aid Fitting
* Pediatric Hearing Evaluations:
* Otoacoustie Emission Test (OAE)
* Transient-evoked OAE (TEOAE)
* Distortion product optoacoustic emissions testing (DPOAE)
* Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
* Auditory Steady-state Responses (ASSR)

We offer best price of hearing aid

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